Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Language of Love

My girlfriend ask me to take this language of love quiz on the internet, I think it is all bull shit but I took the quiz to make her happy. In case anybody cares here are my results:
I feel loved when...

The Five Love Languages

My Primary Love Language is Physical Touch

My Detailed Results:
Physical Touch: 9
Quality Time: 8
Words of Affirmation: 7
Acts of Service: 4
Receiving Gifts: 2

About this quiz

Unhappiness in relationships is often due to the fact that we speak different love languages. It can be helpful to know what language you speak and what language those around you speak.

Tag 3 people so they can find out what their love language is.

Take the Quiz!
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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What's The Deal With Hair?

Over the last few year I have changed my hair style several times. I have yet to find one style that I like. I am the type of guy that makes my own style it is usually a little crazy but it's unique. Right now I am going through the process of coming up with a new style of hair for myself. I am not sure what I want, over the last few years I have had some winning styles so I just may bring one of them back or I just might go crazy and make up a totally new one.

There is no telling where a little imagination, some hair products, and a lot of patience can take you. I want to go crazy even if I don't keep the style for long, i want to make a new impression at work as I have just been promoted.

I hope to may be start a new trend, you never know where the new "it" thing may come from.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New Job

I have taken up a new position where I work, it is a little better but there is not much difference in pay, or title from my old position. But on the plus side I do have more responsibility and authority to do things even if that means that I gotta stay longer hours.

Starting something new is always fun and exiting for me, I love a challenge and love to take challenges head on! There are many other challenges that I will have to face soon enough. and I look forward to them.

I see the opportunity in every challenge and not the challenge in every opportunity.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Second Chances?

I don't believe in second chances! What I mean by that is allowing the opportunity to start over, or giving some one a chance to start fresh. That whole "clean slate" expression that people say sometimes really does not have much of a value for me, why let the same person fuck you over twice? Why?

A lot of the times the relationships we start, be them friends, girl/boy friends, husband or wife even, end horribly because we allow the same person that caused us harm back into our lives. We need to learn that people's actions don't change. They may look different, talk different, but their word and their actions are never the same. Their word are new but their actions are the same old ones that felt you hurting the first time around.

I have do not believe in second chances, I do not believe in starting new, or "clean slate" or whatever! That crap does not fly with me!

Car Shopping

I am in the process of buying a new car, again. God has truly bless me! In the last year I have bought 2 new cars.
It is so hard to decide what kind of car to get, there are so many choices and my options and means are limitless. I'm thinking a European car, a small sports car. I have wanted one for the longest time and it seems like this might be my opportunity to get one. But the luxury sedan also is a good choice but I would only be able to enjoy both cars during the summer because the Canadian winter is really harsh on high end expensive cars so they must be stored for about 7 month of the year. So may be a winter car like a high performance Japanese SUV or an All Wheel Drive German SUV.
Oh so many choices, so, so many this is turning into such a hard decision to make but I am having so much fun going around to to different dealers to see some great cars! Ottawa, Kingston, Toronto, Montreal all these cities have cars I want to get. So I'm going to get on the open road and let the car choose me.
Wish me luck.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My History Lesson

History has a way of repeating it self! I have heard that before but it was not until recently that I experienced that for my self.

I never settle for second place! Never! Someone once put me in second place once and I dropped that person my my life like if they were a hot pan burning my skin! I promised my self that I would never put my self in a situation where I would let someone demean me like that. Never would I ever let that happen again, I was in first place or no place!

Until history repeated it self and some how I let someone put me in the lowest place of all! I felt so cheap, so unwanted, so secondary, so worthless, so disposable, so ordinary, SO REPLACEABLE! So mediocre, so lame, so like garbage, so useless, so plain, so rejected, such a loser, so low, so crappy, like shit! So used up, so empty, so hallow, so meaningless, so invisible, so like a beggar, like dirt, like a reject, like an idiot, like a fool, so taken advantage of......... the list goes on and on I guess I show have known better!!!

As if I don't have value, as if I am not worthy of first place! As if I can't do better! Well all those days are over! I have more worth then...well I'm just priceless.

But never again! Never Again! Never!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


For years I have fought with the idea of love and if it truly exists. I really don't believe in the that whole "love" thing, for me it's a mythical word that was made up, it is a business that sells its product "love" to the masses.
I chose not to believe because I really don't think it exists! I think it's a made up idea, a lie, a nice fairy tale story, a bubble of a world that does not exist or is real. I don't see my self feeling anything for anyone! On a good day most people bug me!

I guess the trouble is that I have yet to meet a woman that can change my view the "love", I have never felt this for any woman ever I am sure of it! I may be wrong but I have yet to find someone that can prove that, so for now I am right and everyone else is ignorantly wrong!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

It was the best of time, it was the worst of time.

We all have that song that we really love, or that has special meaning for us, or that we share with that special some one. For me “21 Questions” by 50 Cent mean all that and more, I remember the first time that song came out back in 2003. I could not help but think about a relationship I was in at the time and how if all those bad things that 50 Cent describes in the song were to happen to me would the girl I was dating stay with me. It made me think about my relationship and whether or not it was as solid as we said it was. The thing is that is one thing to say that we will stay together when trouble times come our way and another thing to actually stay together because when push comes to shove you find out a person’s true colours.
Ever since then I have always used this song to measure my relationships and whether or not it is as solid as we claim, unfortunately I yet to find a solid relationship that will pass the test of hardship. It is easy to “I love you” when times are good but it’s hard to really mean it when times are bad.
They say that every person has their soul mate out there but I really don’t believe that! For now all I can do is let hard times be the test that tries my relationships and find if they truly are as solid as we claim.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mixed Drinks

Everyone has their favorites types of mixed drinks or alcoholic beverages, then there are brands, and types of alcohol.

I have my preferences as well, I prefer hard liquor, Ice Wine, and shots. I like to mix my own drinks, and I mainly stay home and drink. I do go out with friends to have so drinks and have some fun.

I yet to find a beer I like so I have given up on beer. I don't like beer, I don't even like the taste.

so I will stick to what I know and like.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


You know how everyone had there own philosophies well I have made up some steps on how to deal with stress. Every once in a while every body gets stressed out well I use these steps, while simple they work for me and I hope that they work for you as well:

  1. Take a deep breath, and do something else, leave the scene of the stress.

  2. Initiate an activity the occupies as many of my senses as possible. Like exercise while listening to music, cook, take a drive, or something else.

  3. If possible come back to the stress full activity until the next day.

  4. Do something that makes me happy! for me that is going out to have some drinks and dance.

When it is all said and done what you need to do is just forget the situation for a little while come back to it later with a stress free mind, and have a little fun. Remember that if all else fail just shoot yourself ;)

No I'm joking, don't do that.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Guys & Cars

Allow me to please talk a little about cars and why men have such a passion for them, most men at least!
I love cars, I can say they are a passion of my, it's just that they are machines or big boy toys. I love to work on cars, learn about them, how they operate, how they function, and everything in between. I love to drive cars not to mention that was the purpose of the automobile when it was invented; to be used as a means of transportation they are more then that now they have become a status symbol. I love the feeling of ownership and confidence I get when in my car, especially the expensive luxury sports car. But I think that the biggest reason why I love cars is just because they are so cool! Everything about them, they are machines that move, transport you, make you feel great, facinate you, intrigue you, give you passion. They are machines you can work on, imagine, invent, make then better, faster, sportier, did I mention faster!
So if you have a guy in your life or even know about a guy into cars I hope you understand him a little better.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

24 Hours

I am sure that there are many ways to spend 24 hours and that everyone has their opinion on what they would do.

Well I recently spend 24 hours doing as many things as can be done in that amount of time. I did everything from:

  • Drive to a place I have never been.

  • Headed south with no map or destination in mind.

  • Went to a river just to listen to the water.

  • Watched a movie

  • Took some pictures that I would rather nobody ever see!
  • I was in 2 places at once.

  • Downed(drank) a whole bottle of wine.

  • Watched leaves fall of a tree, because it's autom in Canada. Actually drove a long way to see those leaves

  • Had an adventure!

  • Went on a wild hunt for food, hey we all gotta eat right?

  • Drove to the every corner of my city, had to fill up the gas tank twice.

Finally in the last hours all I could think about was how I did not want this day to end! There is just nothing better then spending a day doing absolutely nothing but doing everything all at once. I look forward to other days where I don't want them to end. I would have spend another 24 hours in this same way, everyday till I die ;)

I luv you and I don't know why, I let you come back to me and I don't know why, I wait with anticipation for your call, text, message, or e-mail and I don't know why. Why, why, why....why don't I know!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Loonie Kicks Ass

Over the last few years the Canadian Loonie has kicked ass on the stock market, reaching a high that it has never reached since the 1970s. As a proud Canadian I am so happy to know that my country is doing something right when it comes to the regulations of or banking system and that Canadian companies and the Canadian economy in general is doing so well in these hard economic time. I am a business owner my self and I have seen steady growth in my business over the last 3 years.

Further more the Canadian Loonie has been more stable through these turbulent times than the American dollar, so much for the "Last Super Power." If you were ever thinking of investing abroad look to Canada it would be the foreign market of choice.

In summary the Canadian economy is holding it's own and quite strong even against it friendly neighbour to the south.

Monday, October 12, 2009


Its thanksgiving day in Canada. This holiday is always filled with lots of good memories, lots of food, the famous turkey dinner, and of course family.

I had a great thanks giving this year for the first time I spent it with my bother at his house and with his wife and their family, I am so happy to see how well we all get along and that we are making wonderful memories together. There was so much food I was so full and could not eat anymore but I kept eating so there would be less for everyone else to eat. The food was just that good I swear. We had 3 types of desserts which were all really good, I ate the most of them, sorry everyone.

I really enjoyed my self with my new family and look forward to building more memories.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Path of Choice

Life is filled with so may decision we need to make on a daily basis, decisions that affect our live today and tomorrow. We often times take for granted the little decision that make our tomorrow sad. We take choices today and never think how it will affect us later on. To often times these choices that we make, we deliberately take for granted to people in our life that mean the most to us like our family and we never truly start to miss them till they are gone. Life is one big ball of choices and decisions. I for one will from now one value the people in my life that mean the world to me, make better choices today to that they don't make my cry tomorrow, and make every decision like if it were my last.

So think about what you decide today, think about it hard because it will come back to bite you in the ass it not made properly.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


You there is always someone that just drives you absolutely bananas! Just makes you crazy, well I have someone like that. There were so many songs I could have chosen to talk about but I decided to go with this one. Katie Melua's "The Closest Thing To Crazy". It talks so much about how I feel about this person. There are times when I hate them with a purple passion, there are times when I just want to be with them, other times when I can't stand to even know that they are breathing, and lastly times when it seems they are all I got.

They drive me crazy, mad, resentful, they bring the worst out of me, make me become someone I am not, mean, revengefully, vindictive, the list goes on. I feel at my lowest because of them, like cheap dirt, or a common whore! I hate them, resent them, despise them and everything else you can think of. They never seem to leave my life not matter what I say or do they are always there like a thorn up my ass! No words or actions of mine seem to make them disappear.

But in the middle of all that craziness there exist a passion that burns, a memory that is not forgotten which makes all that crazy seem OK. I hate that I miss the craziness, I hate that I miss them at all, I hate that they never leave my life, I hate that they don't hate me back like I do, I hate that our path always seem to cross, I hate how we are so connected, I hate that I can never be free of them, but what I hate the most is that.... I hate so much that it makes me blind and I don't see why I hate at all.

Monday, October 5, 2009

My New Family

Well over the weekend, My bother got married! it was and exiting time for my family we had so much fun at the wedding and even more fun getting drunk at the after party! It was a day filled with so much emotions, I which it could have lasted for ever, I relive all the day in my mind and watch the day go by like a movie in my memory.

I have only spent a week with my new family but all ready I love them to death and have bought them all so many things, I have been to their house like and average of 3 times per day it's crazy, I call them on the phone, text them, I just cannot believe how much I love them and how close we have become in such a short time.

Even though I miss my bother like crazy, and wish his wife would give him back to me! I am very happy for him because I see that he is very happy, and that is what I want for him.

I love my new family and look forward to spending a life time with them and to making more memories!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Wedding Cheer

There is big wedding happening in my family this weekend, there is so much excitement in the air. I can't help but be exited and the anticipation is running so high! There is so much commotion and craziness going on right now it's awesome.

Putting on a wedding is so much work I really did not realize, but every moment is more exiting then the last.

I have been a bachelor for years, I have sworn never to get married ever! But being involved with this wedding has made me realize that well ...... I am right! I hope to stay single for life.

I wish all the best to those that are getting married and those that are married, good luck because some of you just may need it. You know who you are.

Monday, September 28, 2009

New Chapter

Every time one door closes another opens. You always need to see the opportunity in every problem because there always is one.

I am starting a new chapter in my life, free from BS, and people that just never seem to have anything good to say about you. Who you associate yourself with says a lot about you and what is said about you is what most people believe. So it all stops here! From now on I will move on forgetting the past, it has nothing good anyway, and embracing the future and all it's opportunities.

To moving forward, dropping useless people from your life, and riding yourself of there awful stench! Goodbye and good ridden, not really need what I don't really want, refuse to lower my standards I'm worth more then I get credit for, my value is not for those that don't appreciate it so I won't waste my time, energy or money any more!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bachelor Party

Well I have been asked to plan a bachelor party which at first I thought it would be a lot of fun, but the planning part of it has been such a drag! I hate people don't don't confirm on time, and the restaurant won't hold our reservation if we don't confirm the number of guest. I am about ready to kill them all!
This is my first bachelor party that I put together and probably the last, so I want it to be great. We are going to have 2 parties.
  1. With all the men in the family and close friends, so very laid back and formal.
  2. Then we are getting wild with all the young studs. I want to make it a night that we won't remember!

All in all I know it will be a great party for everyone can't wait!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Let The Games Begin!

Well they say that life is a school and that we learn something new each day!

Today I have learned how little I know about Missy, just when I think I have them cornered they tell me me something new about them like So Soave. I did not know this side of their personality, people can surprise you with how deep you can get into them, or what they want to do with rubber gloves. Humans have an ability to build a character that defends who they are as a person and in one quick moment show you a part of their character that you did not know they had. They seem so independent, in control, but yet they carry with them the most basic of human desires, to seek out the dominant one.

I can be what I need to be to reach the top, I can dominate my domain! Take charge, control, and lead. I am not afraid of a challenge I welcome them! So let the games begin and let the better one come last!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Camping in the Cold

I went camping over the weekend to a very beautiful lake, the campground was spectacular, and I had a lot of fun being out in nature. If only it had not been so freaking cold! It was like camping in my freezer. Lucky for me I had my Roma Im to keep me warm, I had lots of good juices high in protein to keep my blood pumping, and I did some exercises that help turn up the heat.

Even though camping during the fall in Canada is very cold, I enjoyed it. The smell of cotton candy helped pass the time. I look forward to going again.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I was recently at a wedding were I had involved so much in the planning and executing of the wedding. Well I had been to a wedding before and I did not realize how much work it took to make them work! I hate weddings now, hate them with a passion!

There are so many little things that must be thought of, things that I would have never considered a problem they were. Like were people sat at the reception, who to invite, pictures, transportation, speeches. All these things have a number of problems that must be solved and why is it that any little problem and the bride goes nuts!!! Why?

Well needless to say in spite of all the little things and everything that could have gone horribly wrong, it was a great wedding! I really enjoyed myself, the alcohol really helped.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fall is Here

The Fall season has arrived in Canada, we did not have much of a summer. But weather wise fall is always my favorite season! The leaves change colours, and the weather is always just right, warm enough that I can just wear a nice sweater and just the right amount of cold that I can wear my collections of jackets!

There has been a lot going in my life recently and I am trying to look for the up side of life. Fall seems to be the only good thing at the current moment! A little sad but I will take it.

Monday, September 7, 2009

My Past

Why is it that the past has a way of springing up again on you, especially when you have tried so hard to forget it! The smallest thing comes up and reminds you all over, the hurt, the pain, the wounds, and old scars that never really healed.
I recently have been going through a bit of a bad day, we all get the our bad days. Even though I am trying to stay optimistic; I can't help but remember.
I just hope that it will only be to remind me that I have grown stronger because of the experience. I know I will look back on this and be a better person but in the mean time... I am just trying to cope.

Sunday, August 30, 2009


The famous beavertail of Ottawa, is a delicious sweet treat that can be enjoyed all year round.

The beavertail stand is located in the heart of Ottawa in the Byward Market, such a lively place especially during the summer.

I went downtown Ottawa today with some friends and had a great time, lots of clubs, pubs, restaurants, and everything in between, loved it!

But back to the beavertail, they are like pancakes only thinner and deep fried, they come in a few flavours like, chocolate, cheese cake, apple fritter, or my favorite cinnamon and sugar (pictured in this blog). They are so tasty but very sweet to eat with water. When you visit Ottawa, Canada make sure to enjoy one.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

My Relationships

Why is it that relationships are so hard! That no matter what you do to try and forget someone it's always hard to, everything seems to remind you of that person.
I have recently been reminded of an old flame that I thought I had forgotten but I am not feeling all these emotions that I don't want to feel for this person.
Both sexes are complicated and easy at the same time but both people in the relationship are never easy at once. This makes the relationship hard to deal with, understand, and keep for the long haul. Most relationships you will have in your life will end! Even if you find yourself someone to marry, that marriage will end sometime. The few lucky ones of us that actually make a relationship work die before their time so really at the end of the day there are no relationship that pass the test of time!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Bitter, Sweet Week

Like everyone we all have our good days and our bad day! In the words of Charles Dickens "It was the best of time, it was the worst of time." Nothing has been closer to the truth for me than that this week.
There have been happy moments especially over the weekend, but at the same time there have been sad moments. We always look forward to the future with hope, anticipation, and joy, but the past sometimes only brings back painful memories, old scars, and tears!
I can be hard to be happy when you are reminded of a hurtful past, and a painful past makes a happy moment meaningless.
I have felt all these feelings all this week, I hope to get through them and move on. To put the past where it belongs, in the past. And look to the future for a better opportunity.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Summer Days

Summer in Canada is not very long, a short 3 months is what we get at best, and now that we are in the middle of August this is the last month of summer! I am sad because it's almost over but at the same time exited for all the things I will cram in to the rest of these summer days!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Dead Sea Scrolls

I had the opportunity to see the Dead Sea Scrolls on display at the Royal Ontario Museum. They are a piece of my history and I felt honoured to have seen them with my own eyes!

You really can't put a price on historical artifacts and the Dead Sea Scrolls don't get any more priceless. Some of those scroll date back to 4,000 years ago so I was surprised to see that the still exist.

The whole thing was a great experience, I invite you to go even if you don't care about history or archeology.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Coffee Attack

I wanted to share an experience of my with all of you.

A few years back while I was a student in LA, California my cousin took me to Starbucks for the first time. I had been reluctant to go because Tim Horton's kicks ass and is so much better!

Well my first time at Starbucks I ordered a cappuccino but I wanted it in French vanilla a flavour they did not have, so the barista mixed some mouse and cream into my regular cappuccino to make it seem like French vanilla, and I accepted with no other choice. While I was drinking with poor excuse for a cup of joe, I decided to stir it to blend the mouse with the coffee better than what the so called "barista" had done, stirring it did not work so I decided to shake the cup. I was in the middle of shaking it when the coffee exploded all over me, yes you read correctly it EXPLODED! My cousin burst out laughing, but what angered me the most was that no one at Starbucks came over to ask if I was ok, or to offer a replacement coffee, WTF!

Ever since that day I have never been back nor do I intend on going back! Ever!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Wendy's New Spicy Chiken

I tried the new chicken bowl from Wendy's, and in spite of my better judgement I liked it. Fats food places don't know how to make spicy food, but this one was not bad, it was not great and I still don't like to go to fast food joints but this spicy chicken was good.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Costco Failed Me!

So I became a Costco member for the first time a few months back thinking that I was going to save money buy shopping at one place. Little did I realize that Costco has the worst selection of brands of any store I have ever been to! I went to purchase mouth wash and it turns out they only carry one brand and I don't use it, I wanted so chips and they only have 4 different types, I wanted some cold cuts and the ones they have don't even look eatable, what the hell!! Is not Costco supposed to carry a wide selection of brands and products?

I regret becoming a member and really don't see my self shopping there any more!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Sweet Life

You know how evryone has "loves" in their life, for defferent reasons, times, or choices.

Well like them one of the "loves" of my life is cake, sweet treat or all baked goods. I enjoy them with coffee or water if they are very sweet, I have a sweet tooth.

They say that the best route to a man's heart is through his stomach, I belive that nothing could be truer with me than that.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

School of Life

Well they say that you learn something new everyday, and today I definitely feel like I have learned something about my self(of all things).
No matter how smart or wise you think you are you will always need help more often then not. But as a man it is sometimes hard to ask for help. We are not born knowing everything because if we were then life would not be a school.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Canda Day!

Well I am a proud Canadian, and today is Canada's Birthday! I love to celebrate this day with friends and family. We party till we drop, light some fireworks, eat like it's a buffet, and anything else we have strength for. The whole day is about Canada, everything we do or eat is "Canadian." This year my beautiful Canada is 142 years young and going strong!

Hope to see you out there!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Sunny Days

The weather in my city has been realy crazy lately it has gone from realy hot, to very cold, sunny, to strom winds and rains. But all in all it has been a great start to summer, got lots planned so I hope the warm weather stays with us for a little while longer.

Friday, June 26, 2009

So I was at the IKEA today and while I was there I thought I would try some lunch at their restaurant. I had the roast chicken and beef combo for $9.99. The price should have tipped me off to start, the food was awful, under cocked, poorly seasoned, the beef the the worst part of the meal. Much like their furniture you have to build your meal, drink, salad, desert it is all sold separately and when you have Finlay gathered everything you want your total come to....well expensive for the poor quality of food. Even the soft drinks taste weird, hated the restaurant experience they should really just stick to selling furniture!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer Day's

So here is a post about nothing, there is nothing actualy going on in my life at the current moment. Although summer has just started in my part of the world and I could not be more exited, I love summer! The sun shine, warm weather, the beach....ect. It's all great I am an outdoors type of guy so I am going to get out there as often as I can!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Great Weekend

Well I just spend a weekend with a great couple, Pastors John and Iris Delgado! They were visiting my home town and I took them out and show them arond my neck of the woods.
They taught me a lot about life, marrige, faith, and everything in between. They are great folks and I have great appreciation for them both!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Airport Troubles

I was remained today about the long waits at the airports.
I had to go pick up some old friends, who are American, at the airport. They were held back for over and hour at customs, I don't understand why? They had all the proper documentation, safe amount of luggage, a few extra books but nothing else.
I guess it's just the long waits at airports now we all just need to get used to them.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I have always been a wine lover and my favorite type of wine has always been Ice Wine! Canada is one of the biggest exporters of ice wine in the world

and the Canadian standards for making wine are renown world wide.
I love ice wine for many reasons, it taste great, the sweetness of it, and because it is Canadian!
I have actually been to some of the wineries in the Niagara Peninsula, great place to visit.
If you have never tried ice wine I recommend it.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I had to buy car insurance today and it was so frustrating! Since when do you have to wait 15 days to get insured!! WTF I can not believe how long that takes.
I was so mad, not only do I hate to pay insurance premiums to insurance companies that never help you when you need it and raise you premiums when they do help, now I have to wait! It's not like I am asking for free insurance I am going to pay for the coverage.....
I hate insurance companies!

Sunday, June 7, 2009


So I went camping and I found out may things, bring a sweater beacause it gets very cold at night, building a fire on purpose is not as easy as it seems and cooking over and open flame is so much fun!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Cross Roads

Today I find my self at a cross roads, I have been in this spot before many times actually like I am sure many people have. This time, however, the choice is different. I think that no matter how many times you face difficult decisions in life it never gets easier with time, although I have been at a cross roads before this time is no better or easier.
I feel that is time to move on with my life and change my scenery I have been in the same place for so long, not that being here is bad but I have over stayed my welcome. There are times in life that you just know when you need to move on. But endings only mean that there is a new beginning some place else for you filled with adventure, excitement, and mystery. After all what is life with out those elements!
So here is to the road that lies ahead! Wish me luck.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Car Shopping

I am in the market for a car new or used. I have made a comprihenvise list of of the pros and cons of buying new versus old but then there is the whole question of budget. When shopping for a car weather new or used the question of gas consumption maintanence and repairs mustbe considered, especialy with today's gas prices.
I could get a new car which is:
  • low in maintanance cost
  • fuel efficient (depending on the make and model)
  • but a high purchase or lease monthly payment

I also could just get a used car which is:

  • low in monthly purchase payments
  • potentialy high maintanance cost
  • and ok on fuel efficiency (depending on the year)

Decisions, decisions, what to do.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

I want to show my support and Canadian pride by mentioning The Great Canadian Moo.
Its an online event taking place on June 3 where all Canadians can support localy produced dary products, go to the website and show your support! Remeber that when you buy Canadian you keep Canadians working!
I love to talk about all sorts of subjects because I am passionate about a lot of things. I have strong opinions and have never had trouble expressing them. So blogging seemed like the next step!
So here I go.....

Stay tuned