Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My History Lesson

History has a way of repeating it self! I have heard that before but it was not until recently that I experienced that for my self.

I never settle for second place! Never! Someone once put me in second place once and I dropped that person my my life like if they were a hot pan burning my skin! I promised my self that I would never put my self in a situation where I would let someone demean me like that. Never would I ever let that happen again, I was in first place or no place!

Until history repeated it self and some how I let someone put me in the lowest place of all! I felt so cheap, so unwanted, so secondary, so worthless, so disposable, so ordinary, SO REPLACEABLE! So mediocre, so lame, so like garbage, so useless, so plain, so rejected, such a loser, so low, so crappy, like shit! So used up, so empty, so hallow, so meaningless, so invisible, so like a beggar, like dirt, like a reject, like an idiot, like a fool, so taken advantage of......... the list goes on and on I guess I show have known better!!!

As if I don't have value, as if I am not worthy of first place! As if I can't do better! Well all those days are over! I have more worth then...well I'm just priceless.

But never again! Never Again! Never!

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  1. Gosh you make me sound sooo horrible!!! yet you were saying how much you love just last week! you need to let GO and FORGET the past if you want to create a present and btw never say never, ive heard this a million times before.