Monday, September 28, 2009

New Chapter

Every time one door closes another opens. You always need to see the opportunity in every problem because there always is one.

I am starting a new chapter in my life, free from BS, and people that just never seem to have anything good to say about you. Who you associate yourself with says a lot about you and what is said about you is what most people believe. So it all stops here! From now on I will move on forgetting the past, it has nothing good anyway, and embracing the future and all it's opportunities.

To moving forward, dropping useless people from your life, and riding yourself of there awful stench! Goodbye and good ridden, not really need what I don't really want, refuse to lower my standards I'm worth more then I get credit for, my value is not for those that don't appreciate it so I won't waste my time, energy or money any more!

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