Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Let The Games Begin!

Well they say that life is a school and that we learn something new each day!

Today I have learned how little I know about Missy, just when I think I have them cornered they tell me me something new about them like So Soave. I did not know this side of their personality, people can surprise you with how deep you can get into them, or what they want to do with rubber gloves. Humans have an ability to build a character that defends who they are as a person and in one quick moment show you a part of their character that you did not know they had. They seem so independent, in control, but yet they carry with them the most basic of human desires, to seek out the dominant one.

I can be what I need to be to reach the top, I can dominate my domain! Take charge, control, and lead. I am not afraid of a challenge I welcome them! So let the games begin and let the better one come last!

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