Friday, October 23, 2009

Guys & Cars

Allow me to please talk a little about cars and why men have such a passion for them, most men at least!
I love cars, I can say they are a passion of my, it's just that they are machines or big boy toys. I love to work on cars, learn about them, how they operate, how they function, and everything in between. I love to drive cars not to mention that was the purpose of the automobile when it was invented; to be used as a means of transportation they are more then that now they have become a status symbol. I love the feeling of ownership and confidence I get when in my car, especially the expensive luxury sports car. But I think that the biggest reason why I love cars is just because they are so cool! Everything about them, they are machines that move, transport you, make you feel great, facinate you, intrigue you, give you passion. They are machines you can work on, imagine, invent, make then better, faster, sportier, did I mention faster!
So if you have a guy in your life or even know about a guy into cars I hope you understand him a little better.

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