Tuesday, October 6, 2009


You there is always someone that just drives you absolutely bananas! Just makes you crazy, well I have someone like that. There were so many songs I could have chosen to talk about but I decided to go with this one. Katie Melua's "The Closest Thing To Crazy". It talks so much about how I feel about this person. There are times when I hate them with a purple passion, there are times when I just want to be with them, other times when I can't stand to even know that they are breathing, and lastly times when it seems they are all I got.

They drive me crazy, mad, resentful, they bring the worst out of me, make me become someone I am not, mean, revengefully, vindictive, the list goes on. I feel at my lowest because of them, like cheap dirt, or a common whore! I hate them, resent them, despise them and everything else you can think of. They never seem to leave my life not matter what I say or do they are always there like a thorn up my ass! No words or actions of mine seem to make them disappear.

But in the middle of all that craziness there exist a passion that burns, a memory that is not forgotten which makes all that crazy seem OK. I hate that I miss the craziness, I hate that I miss them at all, I hate that they never leave my life, I hate that they don't hate me back like I do, I hate that our path always seem to cross, I hate how we are so connected, I hate that I can never be free of them, but what I hate the most is that.... I hate so much that it makes me blind and I don't see why I hate at all.

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